Trueline Truck Repair Centre - Company Profile

Company Profile

Trueline Truck Repair Centre and Wheel Aligners has a long and proud history servicing the South Australia Transport Industry for the past 35 years.

Trueline has evolved and expanded successfully to transform from a wheel aligning and suspension workshop to a complete truck, bus and trailer repairer, servicer and maintenance manager. This ensures Trueline can now carry out all of our Customer’s needs.

Trueline’s mission is to provide an outstanding and cost effective level of service and support to our Customer.

Our professionally trained staff have the ability to evaluate and determine the most efficient and cost effective method of repair for our customer’s vehicle. We understand the importance of quick turn-around times to keep our customers on the road.

Trueline is committed to working with our Customer to understand their needs and providing options that offer the best resolution to their business.

The Team

In May 2017, Trueline experienced a change of ownership when David Skey became the proprietor of Trueline.

Director and General Manager, David Skey, has over 38 years’ experience in the light vehicle, earth moving and agriculture and is now specialising in road transport.

David and his team of tradesmen have a large array of experience in supporting the Transport Industry.

Wheel aligning has been a major component of Trueline since it first opened. David has the expertise and strong support from his professionally trained team of Diesel Mechanics to evaluate and decide the most efficient and cost effective method of repair to your vehicle.

Since acquiring Trueline, David and his team of professionals have been reviewing Trueline and have made changes to the workshops. Trueline is continually invested in ‘state of the art’ wheel aligning equipment and workshop tooling. We are constantly improving our professional, specialised service that will meet the most demanding requirements.

David would be happy to discuss with you how Trueline can support and competitively service your vehicle or fleet of vehicles.

Trueline wish to partner with you into our combined future, please contact us for an enquiry.